China Good quality Stable Production PVC Plastic Compounding Pellet Granulator Pelletizer Granulation Machine Production Line near me supplier

Product Description

Secure Generation PVC Plastic Compounding Pellet Granulator Pelletizer Granulation Machine Manufacturing Line

Product Description

Plastic Pellet Granules Producing Reducing Machine

The acss series compacting and pelletizing method combines purpose of crushing, compacting, plasticization and pelletizing to 1 phase.used in the plastics recycling and pelletizing approach.

ACS system is a reliable and efficiency resolution for plastics movies, raffias, filaments, baggage, woven luggage and foaming materials re-pelletizing.
Last productions developed by acs technique are in the kind of pellets/ granules, can straight set into the generation line for film blowing, pipe extrusion and plastics injection, etc.

Aceretech Recyclable Plastics Incorporate:

* LLDPE/LDPE/HDPE/PE/EPE film, crushed content, lithium battery movie, foamed pearl cotton

* PP/OPP/BOPP/CPP movie, woven bag,non-woven fabric (melt blown)

* PA66 fishing net, silk, manufacturing facility trim, carpet

* PET/BOPET bottle flakes, film, silk, waste fabric, foam,optical movie

* CZPT wire

* EPS/XPS crushed materials, cold briquetting foam, hot melt foam, insulation board

* HIPS/Personal computer/Stomach muscles house equipment housing, electronic squander, manufacturing unit plastic

* PVB crushed materials, flakes

* PU

Product Parameters


Machine Product


Focus on Recycled Material

HDPE, LDPE, PP, BOPP, CPP, OPP, PA, Personal computer, PS, PU, Stomach muscles

Ultimate Solution Condition



System composition

Belt Conveyor, Slicing Compactor, One Screw Extruder, Filtration, Pelletizer, H2o CZPT Device, Dehydration Area,Conveyor Fan, Solution Silo.

Output Variety


Feeding Gadget

Belt Conveyor (Standard), Roll Hauling off system (Optional)

Compactor Quantity


Diameter of screw

80mm-180mm (Normal)

Content of screw

38CrMoAlA (SACM-645), Bimetal (Optional)

L/D of screw

31/1, 32/1, 34/1, 36/1 (According to the characteristics of recycling)

Heater of barrel

Ceramic heater or Much-infrared heater

Cooling of Barrel

Air CZPT of followers by way of blowers

Vacuum deashing exhaust

Two Double-zone vacuum degassing system (Normal)

Pelletizing type

Water-ring pelletizing/ h2o-strands pelletizing/ Beneath-drinking water pelletizing

Voltage Standard

In accordance to the Voltage of the Customer’s Place

Optioanl gadget

Steel detector, Roll hualing off unit, Masterbatch and additives feeder


thirteen months from the day of bill of lading

Technical solutions

task layout, manufacturing facility construction, set up and tips, commissioning

Suitable Items

Last Items

Thorough Images

Plastic Recycling Machine(Simply click The Important Words to See A lot more Top quality Goods)
Plastic Pelletizing Device Shredder Crusher
Plastic Washing Line Movie Blowing Machine Pulverizer Device
Plastic CZPT Extrusion Machine Metal Tube Generating Device Meltblown No-woven Cloth Machine


Organization Profile



* ACERETECH is first producer.
* If you fascinated in our merchandise and we can fulfill your request , you might pay a check out to ACERETECH Manufacturing unit.
* The which means of going to supplier, because seeing is believing, ACERETECH Machinery with possess manufacture and developed& investigation staff, we can ship you engineers and make confident the high performance right after-income service.

SEE ACERETECH Device HOW TO Guarantee THE Quality
* In get to guarantee the accuracy of each and every part, we are equipped with a variety of skilled processing gear and we have accrued expert processing methods in excess of the earlier many years.
* Each element just before assembly wants rigid control by inspecting personnel.
* Each and every assembly is in cost by a master who has functioning knowledge for a lot more than fifteen years
* After all the equipment are accomplished, we will hook up all the equipment and run the entire creation line for at least 12 hours to guarantee the stable operating in customers’ manufacturing unit

THE Following-SALE Services OF ACERETECH Equipment
* Soon after ending the generation, we will debug the creation line, get images, video clips and send out them to consumers through mail or instant resources.
* Soon after the commissioning, we will package the tools by the standard export deal for shipment.
* In accordance to the customer’s ask for, we can arrange our engineers to customers’ factories to do the set up and instruction.
* Engineers, product sales administrators, and soon after-product sales support supervisors will kind an following-product sales crew, online and offline, to adhere to the customers’ undertaking.



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The tractor’s brief shaft, frequently referred to as the PTO, transmits electrical power from the tractor to the PTO-pushed machine or tool. Electrical power transfer is reached by connecting the machine’s driveshaft to the tractor’s PTO stub shaft. The PTO and driveshaft ended up operate at 540 rpm (9 cycles/sec) or one thousand rpm (16.6 cycles/sec). At any pace, their rotation is proportional to the speed of the tractor motor. Most incidents involving PTO stubs are because of to clothing currently being caught by a busy but unsuspecting PTO stub. Causes a PTO stub could stay engaged consist of: the operator forgets or does not know the PTO clutch is engaged sees the PTO stub spinning but thinks it is not harmful ample to release it, or the operator is engaged in perform pursuits. Shoelaces, pant legs, overalls and coveralls, sweatshirts, and trench coats are clothes that can be grabbed and wrapped around spinning PTO spools.

China Good quality Stable Production PVC Plastic Compounding Pellet Granulator Pelletizer Granulation Machine Production Line     near me supplier