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Item Description

Semi Servo Sanitary Serviette Device with CE Certification

Solution Description

Sanitary serviette manufacturing line consists of main device, glue applicatos, packing program and other accessory equipments contain air compressor, vision detection method and metel detection machine and so forth. Sanitary napkin equipment can generate both fluff pulp type and ultra-skinny sort, with CZPT and CZPT wings.
We can personalize the sanitary serviette with swift-straightforward package ,individul deal and straight bundle.
This machine will require following supplies:fluff pulp,non woven,tissue,film,SAP, glue,ADL,air laid paper, launch paper, rapid-simple tape

Semi servo sanitary serviette device frame framework and main characters

Reasonably sound square steel body: Panel 25mm thick, undertake specular paint, 6 surfaces processing, sound cage with 60 * 60mm square steel in module style, the foundation frame with sq. tube 100mm × 100mm, 18mm thick base plate, 6 surface area processing also ,widening right after gearbox for repair. Spliced sort major board by screw, make positive the higher performance .

Glue applicators place on the 2nd system, shorten the glue supply length

The principal air suction bucket is installed with damaging stress display the air scoop pushed wheel is mounted with quick fixture to facilitate the removing of the belt the decrease facet of the conveyor belt above the content is put in with support plate to avoid the CZPT and overseas issues from slipping and polluting the decrease materials (the belt specification is labeled for upkeep)

2. Crusher technique

three. Fluff forming technique

4. SAP feeding technique

5.Tissue, roll diameter φ800mm (airlaid paper,roll diameter φ1000mm) provide:

6. Fluff core wrapped by tissue

seven.Absorbent paper supplyφ1200mm

8.Absorbent paper limited cutting device

9.Fluff main inner reduce system 1 set, undertake the frame type tool holder construction to increase the service daily life of the instrument roller

ten. The squander at equally ends of the main body is sucked and gathered

11.Best sheet nonwoven(perforated movie) source, roll diameter φ800mm

twelve. Bottom film offer, roll diameterφ600mm

thirteen.Base nonwoven source, roll diameterφ800mm

fourteen. Central release paper device, roll diameter: φ500mm

fifteen. Central launch paper cutter

sixteen. Forming cutter

17. Wastage recycling device

18. Product one hundred eighty degree overturn

19. CZPT release paper including unit, φ500mm

twenty. CZPT launch paper cutter

21. Product 90 degree switch spherical

22. Packing movie provide, roll diameter φ800mm

23. packaging movie and item adhesive roller

24. Second grade warp


twenty five. Item quick effortless package deal exhaust

26. Swift simple tape incorporating unit

27. Quick simple bundle sealing

28. Rapid easy deal cutting unit

29. Reject exist, automobile rejecting (air blow)

thirty. Two way output gadget

31. Reserve stacker and auto bagger equipment

32. Driving technique

Undertake several servo motors for transmission controlling, primary uncooked components unwinding pushed by frequency control, to guarantee the precision and steadiness of the machine in high pace, and can realize not modify any transmission areas to adjust the product’s dimension, can directly set on PLC, effortless to run and sustain

All cutter racks undertake with CNC processing, guarantee the precision of bade and prolong the cutter’s life span

Cutter adopts servo planetary reducer+ common joint coupler transmission

Stressed timing belt is widen

33. Air provide

Vacuum, drum previous, dust and wastage collection throughout creation procedure adopt with a number of sets air pump and positive strain blower

Air source is set on the prime of equipment, created by stainless steel drawing tube, lessen the static electrical power, large pressure blower unified air supply, strain can be modified

Wastage pipe manufactured by PVC substance, each and every 2 meters has transparent pipe for observing

There are 2 gas provide traces, 1 is a pressure-holding line for the cylinder and solenoid valve, and the other is a force-relief line for the glue gun and waste discharge, CZPT interference.

Air tube is established on the top of equipment, unified conveyed by galvanized pipe, link essential distributing pipe at the nearest place, neatly arrangement

Item Parameters


Style velocity



Doing work velocity

600 pcs/min



Experienced charge

ninety eight%(determine dependent on 7.5 hrs, the rate between competent products and whole creation amount, apart from substandard merchandise brought on by glue applicator mistake)


Production efficiency

≥90%( calculate primarily based on 7.5 hours, the price in between actual manufacturing amount and theory generation amount)



170KW (Not which includes the glue applicators)



Three phases 4 wires 380V/50Hz (ground wire)





Lowest pressure

6 kg/cm2 ≥0.6mpa


Air compressor

two.8 mthree/min


Total weight

About 70 tons


Machine measurement

29*3*4.5 M (L*W*H)


Doing work area

38*7*4.5 M (L*W*H)


Equipment colour

Off-white (can be modified by purchase)


Solution dimension

A single measurement (in accordance to buy)






PE include packing in container

Attributes at a glance

World wide web Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Program Glue Application Program Xihu (West Lake) Dis.n Machine Interface

  Title Model Origin
one Servo motor Mitsubishi Japan
2 Vehicle internet guider FIFE United states
three Touchable display screen Banner United states
4 PLC controlling system Mitsubishi Japan
five Sensor Banner United states
six Basic safety creation Shneider France
8 Cutter raw substance M7 Usa
9 Equipment according to use BEM/NSK/SKF Germany/Japan/Sweden
ten Timing belt Optibelt or Gates Germany/Usa
11 Low voltage digital Shneider France
thirteen Temperature managing method Omron Japan
fifteen Force regulating valve Airtac Chinese ZheJiang
sixteen Pneumatic factor Airtac Chinese ZheJiang
17 Solenoid valve Airtac Chinese ZheJiang
18 Dampness separator Airtac Chinese ZheJiang
19 Computerized fault alarm Mitsubishi Japan

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