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Product Description

5colors large definition corrugated paper plate device for vibrant box making

Practical configuration and technological parameters:

Functions and attributes
one.The complete equipment is designed and created in accordance to high pace, substantial precision, large efficiency, reliable balance and protection.
two.Manage system: undertake the global model programmable controller (PLC),electric manage program of industrial HMI and CZPT as the main to achieve fast substitution of manufacturing orders, program manage function of smart total assortment, so that make much more humanized in production and adjustment, increased protection, the charge of completed goods is drastically improved.
3.Transmission program: the transmission gear is created of 20GrMnTi alloy steel and good grinding. The accuracy is 6 grade, the hardness is HRC58-62. The structure of the important free connecting ring and the CZPT slide block is utilized to understand the equipment CZPT backlash transmission, which can achieve long-phrase printing registration.
four.The ink method: large precision anilox roller and ink rollers and other independent motor driving, overrunning clutch separation, pneumatic lifting plate, clever opening and stopping ink technique.
(optional) Maijk closed-end scraping technique: with higher wire ceramic anilox roller, can accomplish 100 – a hundred and twenty netting twine printing, can drastically improve the monochrome dot and multicolor overprint impact. Pneumatic two-way diaphragm pump for ink, ink release, so that the operation is fast, save ink and clean convenient.
five.The host wall materials is HT250, the thickness of 50 mm after artificial aging. The large processing middle is processed to ensure substantial toughness and high precision. control operation Division

  1. the manage panel is geared up with a ten.4 inch male-machine interface vibrant contact display screen, which can handle the feeding section, printing department, slotting portion and die chopping element. It has the benefits of handy procedure, quick procedure and high accuracy. In addition, every group of textual content displays can manage and show the present period, the lateral place of the plate, the male-machine dialogue and the guide electronic manage double operating system, which is more hassle-free to operate.
  2. The paper feeding, printing and slotting elements instantly returned to zero situation following assembled the device. Standard cartons are utilized automatic zeroing device and automated shade established purpose, right after screening printing numerous cardboard to alter to appropriate printing position to decrease the waste of cardboard.
  3. Present position memory: When device for the duration of functioning, if need to have to open up the equipment for wiping or adjust plate, the original situation can be recovered after the equipment is assembled.
  4. Data preservation: when the processing solution data is right, the current info amount can be stored. and five hundred orders can be stored for the following use when utilised yet again It can be operated to conserve time.
  5. Controllable anilox roller lifting: when a group of temporary do not want print, this team anilox roller no require lift and no want cleanse. When the paper feeding is opened and stopped, anilox roller rises and falls in change, lowering the big difference of shade performance, and the merchandise generate is tremendously enhanced.
  6. It is free of charge to set the time of the paper gathering, the interval time of the paper gathering, so that the operation is more adaptable and suited for the personal running behavior.
  7. The primary picture demonstrates the quantity of environment orders, the actual quantity of generation,when the quota is concluded computerized CZPT and the paper feeding is stopped automatically. The anilox roll is routinely divided from the printing plate.
  8. Screen host cruise velocity: preposition 60, ninety, one hundred twenty pcs / minutes, the host begin up, stop and acceleration and deceleration operate, make the adjustment effortless.

II.Paper feeding element:
The “mild strain” paper feeding element (patented solution) can minimize the friction power amongst the paperboard and the desk top by 60%, which shields the first energy of the cardboard, avoids urgent and sloughing, and combines with the pneumatic elastic paper feeding mechanism, which is favorable for the easy input of the paperboard. separation&assemble
 *Electrical manage platform separation&assemble, constant CZPT  between the shifting, to guarantee the protection of the operator. The transmission shaft is connected to the friction clutch to avoid improper operation and damage the machine.
*Each and every platform is equipped with a unexpected stop change, which can end the motion of the equipment by internal manage to ensure the safety of the staff in the internal operation.
*Pneumatic chain system, the principal engine can not start if some device is not locked in area . The whole machine is locked to make the products operate easily.
2.dust accumulating program
*Outfitted with our company’s parallel parallel chip suction and dust removal system, it has trustworthy and reputable assure for printing on massive fields and large stores, and at the exact same time, it can efficiently reduce the instances of downtime.

III.Printing part:
one.Printing roller
*The exterior diameter is Ф393.6mm (with plate diameter Ф408mm).
*Dynamic and static balance correction, surface area grinding and challenging chromium plating, clean operation.
*Ratchet fixed quantity plate shaft, entire plate, 50 percent plate plate (3*9mm), simple to put in, quickly.
*Loading and unloading printing plate, foot change electrical control is constructive and reverse.
two.Transfer axis
*The clearance of press roller and bridge information paper shaft adopts the control mode of self locking double stage worm equipment box, and the gravity meter displays the numerical adjustment assortment of – 10mm.
*The information paper shaft is geared up with 3 rapidly transversal information paper wheels, which can adjust the self locking perform rapidly.
*Dynamic and static stability correction, surface area grinding and tough chromium plating, easy operation.
3.anilox roll
* The outdoors diameter isФ213.7mm, the internal surface area of the total procedure, the bodily properties of uniform.
* The floor of the steel pipe through special processing, by pressing, chrome plating, mesh guidelines, network wall easy, the base is flat, large sum of ink, ink releasing in quick and straightforward cleaning.
* Dynamic harmony correction.
*The control mode of self locking double phase worm gear box and the display benefit of gravity meter are adopted in the gap with the plate roll, and the adjustment assortment is 2 – 10mm.
* anilox roll arrangement according to client requirements.
4.rubber roll
*The outdoors diameter isФ210mm.
*Metal tube surface area wrapped corrosion resistant rubber, medium and substantial unique grinding, very good ink transfer effect.
* Dynamic balance correction.
*The handle mode of self locking double stage worm gear box and gravity meter screen worth are adopted in the hole among the anilox roll and the adjustment selection is±4mm.
5.Maijk shut sort ink scraping system
*The revolutionary chamber fluid dynamics and duplex ink sealing design and style, the ink transport effect is great, and the ink can be saved far more.
*Air stress or cylinder adjustment locking, the scraper dress in automatic payment, so that the anilox roller and the scraper greater in shape, can get the best ink scraping result.
*Sticky coating chamber “Tefulong” antiseptic and anti, so that the ink transfer and easy cleansing.
six.Ink circulation
*Geared up with inks CZPT gadget, when a team of inks absence of ink, CZPT and end sending paper.
*Pneumatic two-way diaphragm pump for ink, ink launch, so that the procedure is fast, save ink and wash convenient.
*The ink CZPT can remove most of the impurities in the circulation method. Welding steel slot, corrosion resistant and easy to clean.
seven.Stage adjustment system
*The printing stage employs PLC control mode electronic screen and electric powered digital 360 diploma adjustment (procedure and shutdown can), and the period adjustment precision can attain .1mm.
*The printing roll adopts the frequency converter to change the section, the sectional type start off and end management, so that the fine tuning is accurate, and the time is saved when tremendously adjusted.
*The horizontal position of the printing roll is digitally shown by PLC control manner, and the adjustment distance is 10mm, and the precision can achieve .1mm.
*In the process of doing work, if the equipment requirements to open up the machine to wipe the plate, the equipment can in shape the equipment, and the unique situation can be recovered.
IV.Drying part1:
*The drinking water-based mostly ink on the printed area is rapidly dried by sizzling air or infrared, so as to avoid the physical appearance of ink fall and affect the result of sprucing.
*In crisis shutdown, it will not result in the fire accident, it is secure and reputable. It can also decide the drying range and help save vitality in accordance to the wants.
V. Polishing element:
*The structure of the device is the very same as the printing segment, and the drinking water-dependent light oil or UV light oil can be picked to polish when the generation.
*The device can also be utilised as a printing device and can be mixed with polychromatic printing.
VI.Drying part2:
In addition to having the perform of drying portion 1, it can also incorporate UV drying operate. It can be employed for 2 varieties of water-primarily based varnish and UV varnish, so as to avoid tow phenomenon during die slicing.

  1. Die reducing component:
  1. Youli rubber roller

*Youli roll with 389mm (which includes pad diameter 405mm), centrifugal casting alloy steel, grinding, challenging chromium plating, static harmony.
*There is a rubber pad with “ZheJiang Chaonai”, width of 250mm, the regular use of 8 million times, the mechanical move around 30mm, and with a radial differential system, the rubber pad wear average distribution, improve the service daily life of the rubber pad tremendously.
*Youli roll with created-in differential automated compensation system, the rubber pad and the Mildew plate routinely maintain the line velocity and. To maintain the dimension of each and every batch of items regular, thus reducing the expense of creation.
*The device is geared up with Youli rubber modified unit, can be frequently modified after use.
two.Mould plate roller
*The template roller and with 360mm (such as cutter mould diameter 408mm), centrifugal casting alloy metal, grinding, difficult chromium plating, static stability.
*Template fastened screw M10, axial spacing 100mm, radial (eighteen equivalent pitch angle twenty degrees).
*Knife mold wood thickness: 16mm (a few levels of cardboard) 13mm (five layers of cardboard).
*The mildew roll is attached with the lateral adjustment gadget to stretch 10mm, and the PLC management mode is utilized for electronic screen, and its adjustment precision is .1mm.
*Mold roll and Youli rubber roll in the un-die reducing state by way of the cylinder eccentric device immediately disengaged, can decrease the load and extend the existence of Youli rubber and knife mildew.
3. Free plate die chopping mold
In addition to obtaining the major perform of the normal configuration die reducing, there are 4 sets of steel knife mould, which are utilised for common industrial box slotting, corner slicing and side slitting use. Manual 4 knife synchronous adjustment (box peak synchronous adjustment),manual traverse.
VIII.Stacking part
1.Paper acquiring arm
*Handbook or automatic operation can be optional.
*The transmission belt of the paper arm is utilized to modify the tightness of the belt independently, and it is not limited by the size of the belt.
2. Bed carry
*Sturdy chain drive.
*The stack peak of 1600 mm.
*The mattress platform elevate motor is attached to the brake operate. The bed can maintain the mounted position and will not slide.
*Include the fat iron system to make the mattress elevate in the manage, to guarantee the basic safety of the employees.
*The aircraft crepe climbing belt to stop the paperboard from falling.
three.Paper baffle
*The air strain motion paper baffle, when the cardboard is stacked to the predetermined top, the paper plate is instantly extended to hold the cardboard.
*The place of the rear baffle is altered manually.
four.Handle technique
*the electric powered appliance is carried out by PLC programming control.
*impartial operation electrical box.
five.Vibrating &stripping perform
IX. Transmission gear

  1. Major transmission gear

*20CrMnTi alloy steel is manufactured by forging, tempering and carburizing, ending with fantastic grinding, and 6 grade precision (the exact same degree with the auto equipment box equipment).
*The operation is clean, the sound is small, the hardness is HRC58 ~ 62, the existence is extended, and it can get to the extended-expression printing set.
two.Keyless connection ring
Adopt free connection ring, make the shaft and equipment total seamless link, there is not going to have gap in the large torque employing, installation and servicing far more practical, can make lengthy-expression higher transmission precision, to guarantee the printing sign up.
X. Technical parameter

Name unit specification  
Max.feeding size mm 1200*2400  
Max.printing area mm 1200*2400  
Skip feeding area mm 1400*2400  
Max.slotting depth mm 300  
Min.feeding dimensions mm 400*750()  
Minimal slotting interval mm 260*a hundred*260*one hundred()  
Regular  printing plate thickness mm seven.two  
printing cardboard thickness mm two-ten  
Color precision mm ±0.5  
Die reducing precision mm ±1.5  
Mechanical pace pcs/min 180
Working velocity pcs/min 160
Overall power (5 colors) Kw 35
Bodyweight T() 30  

Carton box pictures:

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The PTO has connections on the two ends to connect to your tractor and machine. The tractor PTO shaft is operated with a basic change and can be rotated in between 540 – 1000 rpm, dependent on the products. When engaged, the driveshaft attracts energy and torque from the tractor’s transmission to give your instruments just the right amount of power to get you to perform.
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