China manufacturer Zm11 Straight Line Glass Polishing Machine Drive Steadily with Free Design Custom

Solution Description


Complex Requirements (ZM11)
Spindles eleven pcs
Processing glass thickness 3-30mm
Angle of arris 45 diploma
Min.dimensions of glass 80mm*80mm
Processing pace 1.20~6. m/mins
Mounted power  22 KW
Dimension 7920×1400×2500mm
Fat 4000 kg

Wheels disposal:
No.1 Diamond wheel
No.2 Diamond wheel
NO.3 Resin wheel
No.four Fantastic grinding wheel 10S40
No.5 Fine grinding wheel 10S40
No.six Rear arris resin wheel
No.7 Fine grinding wheel 10S40
NO.8 Resin wheel
No.9 Fantastic grinding wheel 10S40
NO.ten Wool felt wheel/CE 3 sharpening wheel
NO.eleven Wool felt wheel/CE 3 polishing wheel

1.beams and motor carriages is utilised by improve large-top quality castings, powerful and stable human body.

2.Base, uprights utilised by high-top quality castings, robust and steady entire body.

3.Senior specific vitality-conserving motors Canoon model, innovative turbine gearbox 
4.Schneider brand name electric equipment.

five.2.2KW large assortment speed governor, CZPT worm gear box, transmission a lot more durable.

6.Chain transfer, sturdy square tube frame can load weighty responsibility glass to process.

7.The CZPT wheel and resin wheel adopts with Chinese manufacturer the base and arris polishing wheel with import 10S40,the sharpening effect is equivalent to mirror area

eight.NO.ten&eleven can be adopts with wool felt wheel working with cerium oxide or CE 3 for sharpening flat edge

nine.This device can accord customer’s need to style.


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China manufacturer Zm11 Straight Line Glass Polishing Machine Drive Steadily     with Free Design Custom