China OEM Factory Price Automatic Thick Paper CZPT 5 Ply Autosplicer Corrugated Cardboard Production Line near me factory

Item Description

4800 mm Corrugated Paper/Kraft Paper/ Testliner Paper/Cardboard Paper Producing Equipment

1.Merchandise Description

Paper equipment procedure movement:
The paper machine adopts air-cushion headbox, the forming part is shaped by a few-layer wire, the push segment adopts 3 vacuum suction units, 1 vacuum push roll and 2 jumbo rolls, and adopts hydraulic pressurization program. The drying segment adopts single-tooth box transmission and square box kind frame. The paper equipment makes use of a semi-closed hood and an all-digital CZPT manage program
Headbox( 3 sets)—3-layer wire—-1 vacuum suction transfer—-1 vacuum suction roll—-1 vacuum suction shift—-1 double blanket jumbo roll push—-1 vacuum suction move—-1 double blanket jumbo roll press— 1 established of φ1500 chrome coated paper major dryer cylinder—-8 set of φ1500 UNO roll and 44 sets of φ1800 dryer cylinder. The arrangement form(1+3+3UNO+3+3UNO+8+8+8+sizing equipment+1+3+2UNO+ten such as fourteen sets of chrome coated dryer cylinders)—-calender equipment—–B/M—complete automated roll storage sort rolling device.

Technical Requirements

one. Uncooked Substance: Squander Paper, Wooden Pulp, Carton Paper
2. Product Variety: Kraft paper
three. Paper Width: 4800mm
4. Quantitative: eighty-220g / m2
5. Manufacturing Capability: 500T/D(24hours)
6. Design and style Speed: 500m/ min
seven. Functioning Velocity: 420-500m / min
eight. Rail Gauge: 5600mm
9. Transmission way: AC variable frequency, area push

three.Primary Equipments

Paper Machine Wire Segment
At the moist stop of the paper equipment sits the headbox, which distributes a uniform jet of watery inventory. The liquid falls on to the wire or forming material. Beneath the wire, foils (short for hydrofoils) remove water and enhance fibre uniformity, making sure that the fibres weave together in a tight mat. The wire passes above suction bins that vacuum out the water, leaving a delicate mat of pulp that types the paper sheet, also recognized as the paper internet. By now the wire has travelled 30-forty meters. In a couple of seconds, the h2o content has dropped to seventy five-eighty%, and the internet has missing its damp sheen.

Paper Equipment Push Segment
The subsequent stage of h2o elimination consists of passing the paper internet by means of a collection of nip rollers that squeeze the h2o out of the pulp mat. This force also compresses the fibres so they intertwine to kind a dense, smooth sheet. At this stage, the drinking water content has diminished to amongst 45 and 55%.

Paper Machine Drying Segment
The paper web now travels by means of an enclosed space containing a variety of steam-heated drying cylinders. They are warmed up to 130ºC using steam heat to ensure that the paper is now 80 to eighty five% dry. Damp sizing solution is now used to the paper in buy to add a slim layer of starch to the surface area. Starch contributes to stiffness and the bonding of the fibres inside of the sheet of paper. Following the sizing is applied, the paper passes by means of another set of heated drying cylinders. In all, the paper web might travel 400 meters by means of the dry end. In the procedure, it will drop roughly ninety three% of its h2o.

Paper Device Finishing
To give the containerboard a clean and shiny floor to optimise it for printing, the paper passes by means of a established of sleek rollers, which can be challenging or soft, that press the paper, embossing a smooth confront on the paper floor.

Paper Device Winding
Soon after completing its five hundred-metre journey, the paper exits from the paper equipment and is routinely wound onto a jumbo reel, which can weigh 50 tonnes and be up to eleven metres wide. The jumbo reel is lifted by crane to a close by winder, in which the paper is unwound and minimize into scaled-down rolls as needed by the client.

four. Raw material 

Use Wheat Straw pulp, Rice Straw, Waste Books Paper, Wood Chips, Squander Paper, Bagasse, Wooden pulp board, waste paper to make Kraft paper, check liner paper, corrugated paper, fluting paper, cardboard paper.

5. Company profile

HangZhou Metropolis HangZhou Paper Creating equipment Co.,Ltd has designed into a considerably more aggressive organization considering that
establishment in 1999. We largely manufactures all types of paper equipment, bathroom paper production line, Kraft paper production line, duplicate/writing paper generation line. We have 4 paper device producing workshops and 1 global trade department, and more than one hundred ten workers and far more than twenty engineers. Our manufacturing facility complete region is twenty,000(96000)square meters. We sincerely welcome customers from all more than the globe go to our manufacturing facility, any need, make sure you get in touch with via electronic mail, we will reply you as the very first priority.

six.Very best Services

Pre-sale Services
—-24 several hours cellphone, email, trade manager on the internet providers
—-We will offer the thorough venture report, thorough general drawing, detailed movement process design, detailed structure factory drawing for you until finally fulfill your necessity
—-we welcome you to arrive to our paper generating machine factory and paper mill factory to have a search and examine
—-We will explain to you all the required price when established up a paper mill manufacturing facility
—-We will answer you all the queries in 24 several hours
—-We will send out you a variety of quality paper samples created by our paper equipment for totally free
—-We can source flip important-venture service.

On-purchase Services
—-We will accompany you to examine all the tools made by us, and assist you to make the prepare of installation
—-We will supply paper machine assembly drawing, the basis and foundation load diagram, transmission diagram, formal installation drawing, use and set up guidelines and a entire set of complex data soon after signing the agreement.

Following-product sales Support
—-We will supply the equipment as soon as attainable according to your necessity, inside of fifty times
—-We will send out prosperous practiced encounter engineers to you to set up and take a look at the machine and prepare your worker for totally free
—-We will give you 1 12 months assure time soon after the machine can operate properly
—-Right after 1 year, we can information and support you to sustain the machines
—-Each 2 several years, we can aid to overhaul the total devices for totally free
—-We will deliver you spare component in reduce cost.

7.Packaging and Shipping

Diverse elements packed by different materials:

–Paper equipment frame will be packed by plastic foam.

–Paper device accessories elements will be packed in picket cases very tiny components packed by carton.

–Paper pulping equipment packed by drinking water-evidence PVC film, and outside packed by wooden situation.

Tighten Packaging, Comprehensive Checking

one. Fastened all the movable areas with plastic films.

two. Polystyrene foam plate wrapped about.

3. Wrapped with tighten,plastic movies a number of circle.

four. Fixed equipment on the fumigated plywood pallet with iron wire.

five. Wrapped with wooden board all around and nailed on.

eight. FAQ

1. What type of paper equipment your manufacturing facility create?
Our manufacturing facility primarily generate flowing equipment:
A. Kraft paper machine which can generate carton box paper, corrugated paper, craft paper, testliner paper, carton board paper and so on.
B. Lifestyle paper machine which can create white paper jumbo roll, incorporate A4, A3 paper, duplicate paper, printing paper, newspaper, offset paper and so forth.
C. Bathroom Paper Device which can create bathroom paper, tissue paper jumbo roll
D. Paper processing equipment. the jumbo roll paper can be processed all kinds of paper, these kinds of as , A4, A3paper, handkerchief paper, towel paper and kitchen making use of paper

2. Can you make paper mill design for us?
Indeed, we have a technician crew of 116 engineers and twelve experts with much more than 20years experience.

3. How about your machine top quality, we are fear about the good quality?
FRD is a experienced brand name in china, a lot more than 30 many years manufacuturing encounter of different varieties of paper equipment. We strictly manufacture and control according to IOS9001:2008 Technique, and can match all the CE normal or far more strict standard. our paper machine is operating properly in much more than twenty international locations. we are gold provider on alibaba already 5 many years.

4. What should I have to know if I want to get the quotation?
a. What sort of uncooked content you will use(principal essential)
b. The ability you want generate for every day(primary crucial)
c. The paper excess weight you need.
d. The paper width you call for.

5. Your equipment price is higher, is there any low cost?
We often give large top quality paper devices, we are having to pay far more consideration on oversea industry, due to the fact of conversation time after sales, and also it want very long time to send new components. our paper equipment have ample top quality normal to make certain the device can work a lot more than the true warranty period. our marketing type is high quality=value and price=high quality, the price tag will be suitable for our customers and tough for our equipment. anyhow, when we will negotiate the cost with each other in the course of our meeting in manufacturing unit, and get a good gratification.

six. Could your engineer can train and practice our employees and remain in our manufacturing facility for long time?
Yes, we have 116 technological installation engineer staff, they can practice and train your worker to run paper device, but you ought to pay them income.

nine. Paper Equipment Getting Xihu (West Lake) Dis.

In buy to advise paper machine and make detailed specialized proposal for you as shortly possible ,make sure you tell us
the subsequent complex parameters:

(1)what type of paper do you want to generate?
(2)what variety of uncooked content you will use?
(3)how numerous tons do you want to produce for every day(24hours)?
(4)what is the output paper width of jumbo roll?–mm
(5)What is the output paper excess weight(thickness)?–gsm.

Thanks for your cooperation!

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