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China wholesaler Sheet Metal Straightening and Leveling Cut to Length Machine CZPT Shearing Machine with Servo Motor Drive with Free Design Custom

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A flat sheet of content is not actually produced by metal mill as a flat sheet.  In fact, a flat sheet of materials starts off its existence as part of a coil of material.  A Cut-To-Size Line will uncoil the content, level it, and then lower it to the required size and stack it.  The finish solution produced by a Lower-To-Duration Line is a flat sheet of content cut to a extremely precise length tolerance.  When thinking about a Lower-To-Duration and the appropriate line configuration for your software, there are numerous variables you ought to consider: the thickness of content, the sort of content, duration of the sheets to be produced, as nicely as yearly quantity to be processed all affect the line configuration and capabilities needed for a successful set up.

Complex approach

1: Coil saddle
2: Loading car
three: Hydraulic cantilever arm uncoil + hydraulic support
four: Xihu (West Lake) Dis. plat for feeding gadget
5: Pinch and 4-hi leveling equipment
6: Loop
seven: Side guiding & deviation correcting device
8: Pinch & 5 roller wonderful leveler
nine: Pneumatic shearing device
ten: Belt conveyor
eleven: Pnumatic discharging body
twelve: X sort lifting table
13: Unloading automobile
fourteen: Hydraulic method
fifteen: Pneumatic program
16: Electrical management program

Gentle Duty Lower to duration Equipment Line

Design .3-2.0×800 .3-2.0×1250 .5-3.0×1250(1600)
Coil Material δs≤230N/mmtwo, Cold-rolled Coil, Stainless Metal Coil, Galvanized Coil
Coil Thickness .3~2.0mm .3~2.0mm .5~3.0mm
Coil Width 300~800mm 800~1250mm 800~1250mm(1600mm)
Coil Bodyweight ≤10 tons ≤20 tons ≤20(twenty five) tons
Coil ID ф508mm ф508mm ф508mm(ф610mm)
Coil OD ≤ф1800mm ≤ф1800mm ≤ф1800mm
Slicing length three hundred~3000mm three hundred~4000mm three hundred~4000mm
Slicing Precision ±0.5mm ±0.5mm ±0.5mm
Line Speed ~100m/min ~100m/min ~100m/min
Management Method PLC PLC PLC

Large Duty Cut to size Machine Line

Product one-6×1600 3-12×2000 4-16×2100 8-25×2300
Coil Content δs≤230N/mmtwo, Very hot-rolled Coil, Stainless Metal Coil
Coil Thickness 1.~6.0mm 3.~twelve.0mm 4.~sixteen.0mm 8.~25.0mm
Coil Width 800~1600mm 800~2000mm one thousand~2100mm 1000~2300mm
Coil Fat ≤25 tons ≤25 tons ≤30 tons ≤40 tons
Coil ID ф508 & 610 & 760mm ф610~ф820mm ф610~ф820mm ф610~ф820mm
Coil OD ≤ф2000mm ≤ф2000mm ≤ф2000mm ≤ф2200mm
Slicing length five hundred~6000mm five hundred~12000mm five hundred~12000mm 500~12000mm
Cutting Precision ±1.0mm ±1.5mm ±1.5mm ±2.0mm
Line Speed ~35m/min ~25m/min ~25m/min ~20m/min
Management Method PLC PLC PLC PLC

Substantial speed fly shear cut to duration line

Model  .25-two×1250 (1600)  .5-2.5×1250 (1600) 
Coil Material  Copper coil,  Aluminum coil, Stainless Coil, Galvanized Coil  
Coil thickness  .25~2mm  .5~2.5mm 
Coil width  three hundred~1250mm(1600mm ) 300~1250mm(1600mm )
Coil weight  ≤20T (25T) ≤20T (25T)
Coil ID  φ508mm  φ508mm 
Coil OD  ≤φ1800mm  ≤φ1800mm 
Cutting Accuracy  ≤±0.5mm  ≤±0.5mm 
Line Speed  70~100m/min  70~100m/min 
Electrical Control System  PLC  PLC 

Pickling coil Lower to duration line

Model   1.-6.×1250   1.-6.×1600 (1800)  one.-6.×2000 
Coil material  Pickling coil
Coil thickness  one.~6.0mm  one.~6.0mm  one.~6.0mm 
Coil width  five hundred~1250mm  500~1600mm(1800mm)  500~2000mm 
Coil weight  ≤20T  ≤25T (28T)  ≤30T 
Coil ID  ф508 ф610 ф760mm ф508 ф610 ф760mm ф508 ф610 ф760mm
Coil OD  ≤ф2000mm  ≤ф2000mm  ≤ф2000mm 
Size range  750~6000mm  750~6000mm  750~6000mm 
Cutting accuracy  ±0.5mm  ±0.5mm  ±0.5mm 
Line speed  ~60m/min  ~60m/min  ~60m/min 
Electrical control  PLC  PLC   PLC  


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To determine the kind, you want to search at the condition of the axis. Irrespective of the variety, the entrance axle is the exact same as the countershaft. Nevertheless, the entrance axle is more substantial to allow the intermediate shaft to fit inside. In this way, the debris can collapse like a telescope throughout its movement. The domestic shaft will be a single of four designs – spherical, rectangular, square, or splined. Metric shafts can be a star, bell, or football.
The PTO has connections on the two finishes to link to your tractor and device. The tractor PTO shaft is operated with a simple switch and can be rotated amongst 540 – one thousand rpm, based on the products. When engaged, the driveshaft draws electrical power and torque from the tractor’s transmission to give your equipment just the correct quantity of energy to get you to operate.

China wholesaler Sheet Metal Straightening and Leveling Cut to Length Machine CZPT Shearing Machine with Servo Motor Drive     with Free Design Custom